One of the biggest challenges in the life of the chaotic small business owner is Personal Organization.

5 tips on how you can be more organized.

Tip 1: Make sure that you have one physical inbox. Now, what you do with that one inbox. That is the place where everything that is unresolved. Everything that is out of place put it in the box, now in the beginning you might need a very big box. This tip will set you up very nicely for the last two tips, I am going to show you.

Tip 2: Get a Mobile inbox. You are going to be a way from the office time to time, and people gonna hand you cards and brochures whatever we need to have one place where all of those things go.  Then you get back to the office what you do with it, dump everything from the mobile inbox into the physical inbox.

Tip 3: Create Homes. I teach my clients this phrase, everything has a home and no visitors allowed, a home is something that has walls around that create natural barrier between the things that is supposed to be inside of it and anything else. If you have clearly define homes when it comes time to put things away, you know exactly where those go if you need to even use a label for those homes.

Tip 4: Process Scheduling. In particular you have a set processing time that you refer to go to that every single week. How much you spend processing, I recommend 5 hours a week and during that 5 hours, you going to take each item in the inbox and decide that what you are going to do with it, when you are going to do it, and where is it home? What-When-Where.

Tip 5: Processing. It is so important, I am emphasizing it twice, If you have that regular Schedule you stick to that regular schedule. You are going to be able to stay on top of everything. But what most of Entrepreneur do is they make that processing decision constantly throughout the day. The doing a little bit here in a little bit there’s constant over the place, which chops up your day instead have regular said time.

Process!  Process!  Process!

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