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About us

SKB Accounting is all about serving our clients with the best possible combination of accounting and bookkeeping services that solves any problem a client may be facing in this regard. This approach comes from our focus on building lasting relationships with our clients and becoming their go-to team for any problem related to their accounting and bookkeeping needs.


We are a small team of passionate accounting professionals who understand the importance of innovative technology in this fundamental aspect of the modern business organization. We take numbers as seriously as we do service quality. To serve you with numbers that matter, we follow accuracy using impeccable methods of calculations, whereas, for service quality, we have our expertise and many years of experience to win your trust and confidence.

SKB Accounting cuts down on the time and hassle involved in managing your accounts and books for the taxation season. We offer outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services online and cater to the accounting and bookkeeping needs of startups and small to medium scale businesses.


Our aim is to be leaders in cloud based Accounting / Bookkeeping services.


Upgrading of Technology based on dynamic requirements of our clients. Procuring and developing in-house new Technology. Updating our clients with the recent developments in cloud base Accounting / Bookkeeping solutions. Training and development of team members, to keep pace with technological advancements.

We specialize in both online accounting and bookkeeping services using the latest Quickbooks support and bookkeeping analysis tools, a dedicated project management suite and comprehensive database update services. Aside from outsourced accounting/bookkeeping, we also excel at back office services for CPA / accounting firms / bookkeepers.

With us by your side, you can optimize your business performance, keep your accounts well maintained and updated at all times and enjoy flexibility and feasibility with a professional touch. Our innovative and tech savvy accounting/bookkeeping solutions are tailor-made to meet your corporate requirements – just get in touch with us and we will chalk down a customized accounts management plan for you!

Managing your accounts and keeping your books updated on a regular basis is not just a choice – it’s a necessity for any business big or small. For a professional entrepreneur or business, having updated and professionally done books is critical during the tax season or when you are going for a business upgrade.

Though you can always do your books on your own, the complicated financial jargon may sometimes prove to be too complex to handle or the time spent in maintaining your accounts may take toll on your other business responsibilities.

At SKB Accounting, our online accounting/bookkeeping services are custom designed for:

  • Startups and small businesses that don’t have the time to manage their accounts on their own.
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses that have just started out and can’t afford to hire a full time bookkeeper.
  • Businesses that already have a bookkeeper but aren’t satisfied with their current performance.
  • Businesses facing turnover issues when it comes to bookkeeping – which means they have to keep hiring a new professional every time the tax deadline is looming near and then go through the hassle of training them from scratch.
  • CPA, Accounting firms or bookkeepers looking for professional back office support.

With us, you can save your time and resources and enjoy 24/7 quality bookkeeping services online without any hassle!

Our attention to detail and professional proficiency sets us apart in the market and makes us one of the top choices of small to medium scale businesses searching for quality and affordability all rolled into one.

Choose us to get the advantage of:

  • Comprehensive accounting/bookkeeping solutions
  • Custom designed services
  • Consistency
  • Timely support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Economical rates
  • Professional attitude
  • Technological innovation with Quickbooks and much more….

Get In Touch With Us For Our Services !

We don’t just say we deliver – our work speaks for us! Contact us for a demo and opt for Our Online Bookkeeping Service for as low as $150 per month with all the basic packages and services including:

  • Access to your data anytime and anywhere
  • Online backup
  • Data management Services
  • Access to our project management website for a detailed account status

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