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Integration Solution

Our expert integration team can set up all your electronic payment systems and connect them with your accounting software. With this one major shift, you will become part of a growing number of firms where accounting ERPs have real-time data for every transaction their financial systems are making. If you do not adapt to this change, you can kiss your accounting operations’ efficiency goodbye.

The process is as complex as it sounds, and this is why you need our expert help to seamlessly align all your modern payment methods with your accounting software.


Integration of systems allows firms to automate their accounting systems and books on a whole new level. With all your electronic payment methods connected to your ERP system, every sale made on your system is automatically recorded into your software as a unique transaction.

The obvious benefits of integration are so many and have such forceful impact that firms not following the trend are setting their course to unavoidable competitive disadvantage.


Integration is no longer just an option but necessary. The necessity for this shift has arisen due to the changing preferences of customers in B2B and B2C sectors. We now live in a world where customers are making purchases through a number of media available. Paying through cash became obsolete when plastic money arrived and now electronic payment media, such as PayPal and gift cards are taking over the world by storm.

With these changing preferences of customers, firms have to adapt to the new trends and give prospective customers no reason why they should choose a competitor.

These strategic tools reduce costs, optimise business processes, and promote healthier risk management. At the very core of every ERP software is the aim to bring every aspect of your business together under one roof to produce a well-oiled machine of a business.


Save TimeWith an integrated payment processing system in place, you will save tens of hours every week manually recording sales transactions.
Add AccuracyWhen you automate your accounting system, one of its unexpected blessings is the removal of human error. You add a lot of accuracy to your accounting records with automation.
Increase Cash FlowHaving transactions recorded in real-time, you get a much faster inflow of cash, which allows you to take care of your operating expenses in a timely fashion.
Cut Labor CostsWith the need for manual recording out of the way, you can cut all labor costs you had to bear earlier.


SKB Accounting understands the importance of integration solution and we urge all our customers to move to this kind of more secure, more efficient, and more optimized accounting operations.

We can help you integrate all payment channels of your choice into your accounting software or ERP system. However, our clients usually ask for help with the following:

Get the most out of your accounting system with our integration solutions

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