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Reporting Automation

Business Intelligence Reporting – Reporting Automation

Integrate your business data from various sources into a single, holistic platform. Make recording and studying data easier with graphical presentations that allow you to monitor and drill down your progress. Flexibility in options offers different filters and designs for presentation as well as the ability to share live reports and restrict access to sensitive reports across your organization with ease.

Business Intelligence Reporting collects data in an easy-to-understand way so it can be analyzed for insights. The IOS BI (Business Intelligence) solution is affordable, self-service business analytics and reporting solution for the wine and spirits industry. The product is cost-effective, easy to use, and quick to deploy as compared to other offerings in the industry. The IOS BI application provides real-time actionable information to effectively run your business. A user or group of users can query one location for information thus reducing time, improving accuracy, and reducing manipulation of data from multiple sources and spreadsheets.

Please check here Business Intelligence Reporting in detail.

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