Among the Intelligence Reporting solutions that are available for businesses to choose from, the Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting system is definitely among the most popular. Here are a few reasons why:

The Reports Are Ready to Use

Are you sick and tired of having to specify a format, before generating a report, every single time? If you are, then Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting is exactly what you need. Why? Well, it’s because Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting has got the ability to store ready-to-use reports that have already been formatted for you. The only thing you need to do is select the information you wish the report to be based on and you’ll have the report ready in a jiffy, without any fuss whatsoever. It’s a great tool to have if your organization is in the habit of generating a large variety of reports after a defined interval of time, for it’ll get rid of the monotony.

Customize To Meet Your Needs

Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting not only gives you a wide range of ready-to-use report formats to choose from, but it also gives you the option to customize those ready-to-use formats to meet your needs. On top of the ability to customize, Sage Evolution Intelligence grants you the flexibility to create a new reporting format from scratch, making use of the Intelligence Reporting tools. Such a feature will come in handy for such organizations that are in need of generating reports with small amendments made to their formats.

Easier Exporting Of Data into Excel

Did you know that about 72% of the total users of Sage Evolution Intelligence reporting export their data into excel, regularly. Why do they do that? Well, when you consider all that excel has got to offer, the question that needs to be asked instead is: “why shouldn’t they?” From get an overview of the data with charts and graphs to getting an in depth look at what’s happening in your business with slicers—Excel truly is among the best tools that exist for business owners. The fact that Sage is able to complement the utilities provided by excel means that it, truly, is one of the best solutions for Intelligence Reporting.

Smarter Decision Making

Sage provides you the opportunity to spend more time on the analysis of your information rather than on its compilation. What this means is that you, as a business owner, will have more time to mull over the presented facts and their incorporation into your major business decisions. Spending more time in taking care of the clerical and monotonous side of things will, obviously, show on your organization’s performance—unless you’re superhuman. An ordinary man can only do that much!

When you take it all into perspective, you’ve got to say that the Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting System appears to be a perfect fit for just about all businesses. However, there are more considerations that need to go into your thoughts than you may know. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Intelligence Reporting solution for YOUR business, SKB Accounting would love to be of assistance.