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  • SKB Accounting has been great to work with. They are very responsive and we look look forward to working with them for a long time.

    Karben Studios Avatar
    Karben Studios
  • Shashi has been a pleasure to work with. He is polite, helpful, responsive, and he has helped me quite a bit with my accounting and quickbooks. As a small business I am too busy to keep up with accounting, and, I just don't like it. SKB has been a worthwhile investment so that I can focus on what I do best, not paperwork.

    Nicole Sheets Avatar
    Nicole Sheets
  • I hired SKB to transition all my 2019 info from Freshbooks to Quickbooks. Shashi was fantastic! Quick, organized, and at an excellent cost. He even had to deal with some of my bizarre accounting and we had some weird reconciliation problems, but he fixed it even after I paid the bill to ensure I was a happy customer. Highly recommend!

    Melody Warner Avatar
    Melody Warner
  • The best move we made this year was to hire SKB Accounting for our bookkeeping needs. Working with Shashi is a breeze and he's very knowledgeable. He has cleaned up our books and given us peace of mind. I would definitely recommend his services to every one. You won't regret it!!

    University City APT Avatar
    University City APT
  • SKB Accounting is great to work with. They are very responsive, detailed and figured out our somewhat complicated books very quickly. Looking forward to working with them for a long time to come.

    Dana Morgan Avatar
    Dana Morgan
  • Efficient and willing to dig in and get hands dirty to clean up books nicely.

    Nationwide Bandwidth Avatar
    Nationwide Bandwidth
  • Excellent accounting work and quick response to any customer emails or calls. We'll continue to work with SKB.

    Daniel Kapavik Avatar
    Daniel Kapavik
  • It's a pleasure working with Shashi. He is knowledgeable, competent and adaptable which is important to us as a small business. I highly recommend SKB Accounting for your accounting and book keeping needs.

    Ashan Goonetilleke Avatar
    Ashan Goonetilleke
  • Honest and reliable service. Great turnaround time.Very accurate.

    Elizabeth Marasco Avatar
    Elizabeth Marasco
  • I came to SKB after having my business go through a series of terrible bookkeepers. Shashi fixed a huge mess and continues to provide good service. Highly recommended.

    lou curley Avatar
    lou curley

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

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Our accounting services are designed to give our clients comprehensive cover for all their accounting requirements/needs/problems. As a bookkeeping company, we are a one-stop-shop for any business entity looking for expert accounting help and innovative solutions for increased efficiency. We provide online bookkeeping for small business owners to help and manage their bookkeeping, payroll, and tax needs.


Working with us, you are not only getting solutions to all your accounting problems under one roof, you will also stay on top of the progress yourself and make snap decisions about your business’s growth and future by means of our conveniently available comprehensive accounting information and reports. Our comprehensive accounting services are:

  • AFFORDABLE: Thanks to our efficient methods, we can charge you incredibly competitive fees for our accounting services without losing focus on quality.
  • FLEXIBLE: Our reporting services are versatile, which enables us to meet each one of your needs with automation that will boost up your efficiency and performance through the roof.
  • COMPLETE: Apart from total command on Quickbooks, we expertly provide reports in Xero, Sage, Buildium, AppFolio, etc, not to mention thorough automated solutions and a versatile team that can take care of your accounting needs from bookkeeping to spotting fraud in your books.
  • FOCUSED: We will assign a dedicated accounting expert who will take over your account so you know your point person in our team and never have to worry about getting things lost.

In short, we are the true accounting partner you have been looking for. With our all-encompassing service features, we can be a virtual version of your accounting department. You can simply let us take over your accounting workload and problems and our expert team will keep on serving you the best of solutions possible. Working with us, you will need no more help for your accounting needs.


We go beyond the work a regular accounting services firm does for the client. We work as your partners and assist you in your financial decision making on operational, as well as strategic, levels. We believe we can do more than just crunch numbers for your financial reporting needs. This is why we go beyond numbers in assisting you and help you manage your business better by means of timely and effective financial decisions.


For a quick calculation of your expenses, send us your info, by filling out the form below. Our accounting experts will build you the best possible offer for your business to run as smooth as it can.



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