-By Dipali Nishad for SKB Accounting

In the modern tech-driven world, outsourcing has been a hot trend.

U.S. outsourcing statistics suggest that outsourcing in the financial services market will continue to rise by almost 7.5% annually. The prime reason businesses outsource is cost reduction and increase the efficiency of the business.

Yet many small business owners try to manage all possible business operations in-house and don’t take advantage of the tremendous benefits of outsourcing an accounting & bookkeeping firm or a professional.

Here are the 5 ways which prove that outsourced accounting is a boon for your business:

  1. Get access to Latest Technologies: An outsourced accounting team is equipped with the latest software, accounting tools, and trends. You can enjoy up-to-date technologies at a price that suits your pocket. In addition, you get relieved from keeping a tab of new versions and updates. Moreover, you are not required to conduct the latest software training sessions for existing employees.
  2. Offers Actionable Financial Reports: Outsourced accounting firms examine your meticulous records and expenses. They give actionable financial reports like financial analysis, sales performance, ROI, monthly take home, and many more. The scrutinized financial report helps the senior management take informed decisions, generate & forecast sales estimates, and win a competitive edge in the industry. In addition, it helps you identify the potential clients, maximize business profitability, growth & expansion plans.
  3. No risk of Data Loss: These days accounting firms use the latest cloud-based software to access the data at one click from anywhere via the internet. Eventually, this means that your financial data is well protected and secured. They also examine the internal working of the company to increase productivity, enhance security, and secure assets from any possible fraud. Communication is done through entry emails which are hard to decode.
  4. Professional Assistance: Accounting firms have the best and expert professionals. They offer the best-fit solutions as per your company’s structure. Besides this, they provide actionable and valuable financial data which can be used strategically to grow your business. By outsourcing accounting, you can focus and scale up your business’s primary operation. On top of this, your competent employees don’t need to waste their talent in tedious desk jobs of inserting data.
  5. Time & Cost-Effective: Outsourcing accounting eliminates the cost and time involved in hiring and training an in-house accounting team. This team is your one-point contact for all queries and concerns. They are accountable to all the bookkeeping services. Therefore they identify and take charge of any errors. By eliminating all paperwork, you gain more time to build better customer and employee relationships. 

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-by Dipali Nishad