There are always some of the errors that are unavoidable for a restaurant with an electronic cash register or bad Point of sale and quite manageable with a properly configured point of sale system. the way this is accomplished is mostly through the method orders entered forcing wait staff to enter all the important details to create their order.

The three most costly errors that IPOs P systems can correct are:

  • Missed beverage charges
  • Price change mix-ups
  • Missed add-on charges

Before we get on to those, let’s see an example of the linear ordering system I mentioned:

If we add an entry say a stack to the order, the system is smart enough to know it needs to prompt the user for modifiers,

Such as; level of cooking, the side items available with the archery and then their modifiers.

Lastly, the system can be configured to automatically prompt the wait staff to enter a beverage order for every entry entered.

Let’s imagine a real world example to explain how this avoids errors and saves you money if we were to compare two diners, one using an electronic cash register and one using up properly programed point-of-sale.

The difference becomes clearer. Industry studies show that in a normal shift, on average a waitress at the first diner will miss the charging two beverages with the prompt thing at a point of sale terminal. Our second waitress will hardly ever miss a beverage order.

point of sale system for restaurants

If the first diner has four order takers in total and charges $1.75 a drink, these mistakes will cost a diner over $5040/year.

Another problem restaurants with cash register face is making sure that wait staff are charging the right prices after the prices are adjusted. To have the staff enter the prices means that every waiter and waitress needs to know the price for every meal.

With a correctly formatted point-of-sale the prices come from a backend system, controlled by the manager. All the price adjusting, arithmetic and so on are done by the terminal making mistakes much less likely. Compare the guest checks available from each of the system and we can see why mistakes are less likely on a well maintained POS system.

It’s important to remember that these mistakes can rarely be corrected even with retraining of the staff members.

This was a short informative post to help you run your restaurant business accurately with the point of sale system and save smart money.

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