Must-Have Salon Software to Excel your Salon

Salon owners, do you consider your salon a small business? If yes, you should do everything a small business does. It begins with creating a salon business plan. It involves researching local laws, regulations, and ways to make your salon stand out. Also, it requires a solid client base and so on. However, the whole task could get tedious.

Moreover, it costs your time to be spent on providing services and developing loyal clients. To alleviate the process, a little salon is best. According to a report, over half of the small businesses (53%) use a software solution. 


Gone are the days when the salon manager had to manage appointment registers. With modernization, everything comes at the touch/click of a button. Thus, salon software comes to play a vital role. Primarily with the salon software, scheduling appointments becomes easy. Secondly, it helps in efficient inventory management (product stock). With the growing salon, the number of employees also rises. Thus tracking and managing employee performance becomes a smooth process.

Moreover, it automatically generates a client database for you. Fourthly, it manages the cash flow of your business with swift payment processing. As a result, you get the chance to grow your business and move towards wealth. Lastly, automated loyalty programs add stars to your salon.


So now you might start questing for the best software. The salon software reviews on the app or website are not 100% reliable. Therefore we have compiled with 5 best salon software: 

  1. Square Appointments 

Does your salon require an affordable appointment scheduler, a minimalistic design, or a full-blown POS system? 

Then your answer lies in this salon software- Square Appointments. The appointment scheduler works best for booth renters and individual stylists. Also, it integrates with all marketing and business tools from Square. Maybe right now, you wish to get an appointment scheduler only. But later, you can add Square’s professional POS unit, payroll tool, the Square marketing suite, and even build a website and online store. 

  1. GlossGenius

Do you know an all-in-one salon software without technical complexity and boring design now exists?

You heard it right GlossGenius is an all-in-one appointment, payment, and marketing app for independent salons in the USA. The software provides support to both individuals and salons with teams. With this beautifully designed app, your business breathes exceptional beauty. Eventually, it gives a high-end client experience. It provides easy-to-use email and SMS marketing along with advanced business reporting. Plus, it’s affordable, transparent, pricing, and offers a free 14-day trial.

  1. Mangomint

Are you a growing salon having 5+ staff? 

Then the salon software- Mangomint is just for you. It is one of the most well-designed platforms. But, it also provides smart automation, which saves your time invested in managing appointments and business operations. Mangomint features are inclusive of calendar scheduling, online booking, POS, inventory, reporting, etc. 

Moreover, with mangomint you can integrate with your favorite marketing and business systems. Mangomint Pay card processing is fully integrated with the software, and it offers the easiest way to accept all major credit cards with straightforward flat rates.

  1. Fresha 

Fresha is a 100% subscription-free salon software. It’s a widely popular salon software used across 120 nations. Around 50 000 beauty businesses and 250 000 stylists & therapists are using the salon software as there are no limits on the times of usage of the trial period limits. 

Its easy-to-use interface relieves the stress of a non-technical savvy. It’s best to be an individual stylist or salon on a tight budget as it’s subscription-free. With Fresha marketplace, you need to pay only a 20% fee for the first appointment as a new client. Moreover, the marketplace widens the marketplace and clients for you.

  1. Vargo 

Vargo is an all-in-one salon software that doesn’t pierce a hole in your pockets. It is the best fit for most small to medium size salons. The software pairs up integrated payments, full payroll support, native booking & online store integration with your website. It provides a client marketplace and great salon marketing support.

You get some advanced features that are difficult to find in other apps. For instance, live video streaming, subscription payments, and agency design services. Plus, a custom mobile app will is waiting for your salon!



Automation and software have been fruitful for all businesses. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with us now to get Quickbooks service at an affordable price.